The Birds


     We value our customers and pay particular attention to making your time with us the absolute best hunt you can have; consistently getting on birds and having successful kills. However, we can’t shoot the gun for you!

     Quality of Birds:   Our birds all fly like their wild cousins! We raise them from day old chicks and house them at first, in warm and toasty brooders. Then as they age, we allow them access to large covered runs attached to their brooder rooms. We raise the same weeds in the pens that they will encounter in the wild, ultimately teaching them how to drink from the leaves, so they can survive & reproduce if you miss!

     This way, they will establish onto our property for future fun times to be had by our guests! As they get older, they are moved to larger pens which gives them plenty of room to fly without bumping into other birds. The large pens also keep them from pecking each other’s feathers off. Both the pens and birds are beautiful! You should come out just to see them and while you’re here, hunt half a day!

     Our birds are never hooded so they are as natural as a wild bird. You may choose to hunt a specific species of bird or we can mix them and give you a variety of birds to shoot. Pheasants are a large target but the quail are small and quick. All in all, both provide a day of fun and sport!

     Group Size & Pricing:  We can guide all sized groups but are partial to the smaller groups. Smaller groups allow us one on one attention and safety is tops in our book! The smaller the group, the better our ability to control the guns in the field. Our pricing structure is split into half days and full days. If you’re coming out, we’d prefer you stay the full day and our pricing reflects that. If you want to hunt with extra birds, Phil has the pricing to reflect that on a Full Day’s hunt, you have a choice of 30 Quail or 12 Pheasants. If you want additional birds, the Quail are $8 each, the Pheasants are $19 each. For a half-day hunt, Phil places either 15 Quail or 6 Pheasants out for you. Or, if you’d like more of a challenge… mix them up! Full Day: $300 or Half Day: $165

     Bird Cleaning: We offer to do the dirty work for you after your kill and that is to harvest the breasts & put them in a baggie for you. We charge a nominal fee to do this. Fees: $2 for each Quail and $3 for each Pheasant. If you'd rather do it, we'll waive the fee and teach you how!

     Dogs:   You are more than welcome to bring your dogs to either train or assist you in the field. If you don’t have dogs, we will provide ours for you. Our dogs are American Brittany, Labrador or Pointing Labs. 

     Youth:   You are welcome to bring your young hunters to our property which helps them gain confidence when hunting birds. We plant the birds before your scheduled arrival so they are in the field or, if you are staying with us, a short time before you are planning to go out. This gives the birds the freedom to move about and presents more of a natural hunting scenario to you.

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